Factories under the Ministry of Industry (2)

Myanma Automobile and Diesel Engine Industries (MADI) is an enterprise specializing in the production of light and heavy motor vehicles, component parts and accessories and multipurpose diesel engines. The factories under MADI are

    *    No. (1) Automobile Factory (Yangon)

    *    No. (2) Automobile Factory (Htonbo)

    *    No. (3) Automobile factory (Htaukkyant - Project Stage)

    *    Heavy Diesel Engine Factory (Inndagaw - Project Stage)

Range of Products

The production at No. (1) Automobile Factory (Yangon) started in 1973 under technical cooperation with Mazda Motor Corporation of Japan and in 1962 the production of Hino buses and trucks began with the technical cooperation of Hino Motor Co., Ltd., of Japan.


No. (1) Automobile Factory


Kaba Aye Pagoda Road

Mayangone Township, Yangon

Telephone :    095-1-662877

No. (2) Automobile Factory


Near Htonbo Town,

Padaung Township,

Bago Division



  1.  6.5 Ton Trucks

  2. Water Bowsers, Logging Trucks

  3. Gear Box, Transmission and Axle parts for Trucks

  4. Hypoid Gear Sets for Cars and Trucks

  5. Leaf Springs and Coil Springs for Cars and Trucks

  6. Pressed Sheet Metal Parts for Cars and Trucks

  7. Bolts and Nuts

  8. General Engineering Works

  1. 4 WD Cross Country Vehicles (Jeeps) (Model : XVA 44L, EW-1 & SW II)

  2. Gasoline Engines (2000cc)

  3. Diesel Engines DS-70 (140HP) for Trucks

  4. Piston & Piston Rings for gasoline & diesel engines

  5. General Engineering Works




MADI Head Office :-

        Managing Director

        Myanma Automobile and Diesel Engine Industries

        56, Kaba Aye Pagoda Road,

        Yankin Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

        Telephone    :    095-1-650912

        Fax              :    095-1-650913

        E-mail          :    dmip@mptmail.net.mm

        P.O. Box     :    370 G.P.O.

Myanma Agricultural Machinery Industries (MAMI) plays an important role as it is responsible for the production of agricultural machineries and equipment which are now essential for the development of mechanized agriculture.


No. (1) and No. (2) Agricultural Machinery Factories (AMF) under the Myanma Agricultural Machinery Industries manufacture tractors, hand power tillers, water pumps and agricultural machineries and equipment and several other items.


Range of Products


No. (1) Agricultural Machinery  Factory


Padaung Township,

Bago Division

No. (2) Agricultural Machinery  Factory


Min Hla Township,

Magwe Division



  1.  Pumping sets (SC4C, KND 5B, KND 7, SVO 102KB)

  2. Agricultural  hand tools & mechanical hand tools

  3. Welding rods (Size 2, 2.5, 3.25, 4.2mm)

  4. Electric Generator (BSK 120, BSK 140)

  5. Electric fans, Watt hour meters

  6. Power tillers (Ayeyar-1)

  7. Lighting fixtures

  8. Pesticide equipment

  9. Forged products

  10. Cast products

  11. Electric motors

  1. Zwe Tractors (50, 60 & 80 HP)

  2. 4 ton trailers (ZTM-40)

  3. 1 ton trailers (GTM-10)

  4. Injection Pumps & Nozzles (for tractors, 6.5 ton truck & pumps)

  5. Diesel engines (50 HP)




MAMI Head Office :-

        Managing Director

        Myanma Agricultural Machinery Industries

        6(b), Kaba Aye Pagoda Road,

        Yankin Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

        Telephone    :    095-1-660204, 662187, 661794

        Fax              :    095-1-665899

        E-mail          :    dmip@mptmail.net.mm

        P.O. Box     :    370 G.P.O.

Myanma Machine Tools and Electrical Industries (MTEI) had been producing household electrical and electronic goods since 1964 in collaboration with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., of Japan. At that time it was in the name of Myanma Heavy Industries. The production of Electrical Machinery such as electric motors and fans was begun in 1981. MTEI continued the production after the reorganization of Myanma Heavy Industries in 1998.


The factories under MTEI are :-

    *    No. (1) Machine Tools Factory (Nyaung Chi Dauk)

    *    No. (2) Machine Tools Factory (Yangon)

    *    Electrical and Electronic Factory (South Dagon)


Range of Products


No. (1) Machine Tools Factory

Nyaung Chi Dauk

Padaung Township,

Bago Division


No. (2) Machine Tools  Factory

Parami Road,

Hlaing Township,


Electrical and Electronic Factory

Industrial Zone (1),

 Dagon Myo Thit (South),





  1. Universal Lathe Model (C 8 C)

  2. Milling Machines Model (HF 1.5)

  3. Vibro Shear  Model (MVS4)

  4. Electrical Equipment                           - Distribution transformers    (6.6/0.4KV   300KVA, 100KVA, 50KVA)                              (11/0.4KV    300KVA, 100KVA, 50KVA)                                               -Domestic use electric cables

  5. General Engineering Products

  6. Marble Polishing Machines

  7. Wood fuel substitute briquetting machine Model MB120 Motor power 7.5 KW (10HP)

  8. Shaping machine Model-550

  9. Column drilling machine BST 23

  1. Hospital Equipment

  2. Paddy Thresher

  3. Wheel Chair

  4. Steel Safe

  5. Steel Cabinet

  6. Water Tanks

  7. Platform Scale

  8. Fire Extinguisher

  9. Sports Equipment



  1. Fluorescent lamps & incandescent bulbs

  2. Electric rice cookers

  3. Electric irons

  4. Electric hot plates

  5. Dry cell batteries

  6. Storage batteries

  7. Watt hour meters

  8. Household electric accessories



MTEI Head Office :-

        Managing Director

        Myanma Machine Tools and Electrical  Industries

        Block No. (12), Parami Road, Hlaing Township

        Yangon, Myanmar.

        Telephone    :    095-1-660437, 662324, 650822

        Fax              :    095-1-660801

        E-mail          :    dmip@mptmail.net.mm

        P.O.Box      :    370 G.P.O.


Myanma Tyre and Rubber Industries (MTRI)

The Tyre and Rubber Factory at Thaton under the Myanma Tyre & Rubber Industries was established in 1979 with the machinery and equipment from previous Czechoslovakia. The factory site is about 268 km south of Yangon. It is the only tyre factory producing different kinds of tyres for saloon cars, trucks, buses, tractors and bicycles. The factory is situated near the rubber plantations, so that it has no difficulty in obtaining natural rubber. Other raw materials such as synthetic rubber and chemicals have to be imported. No (2) Tyre and Rubber Factory (Kyaikhto) is under planning. The factory is to produce radial tyres.



Range of Products

The tyre factory is able to produce cross-ply tyres of different sizes for passenger cars, light trucks, agricultural machinery and bicycles. Although it can produce 26 different sizes it is now producing only the following main sizes which are in market demand.


Light truck tyres                      :    650x14 (8 ply), 600x16 (6 ply),

                                                       700x16 (6 ply), 750x16 (10 ply)

Heavy truck tyres                   :    750x20 (10 ply), 825x20 (14 ply),

                                                        900x20 (14 ply), 

                                                       1000x20 (16 ply), 1100x20 (16 ply), 

Agricultural machinery tyres    :   650x20 (6 ply), 1400x28 (8 ply)


No. (1) Tyre & Rubber Factory

Near Kyapan Village, Thaton Township, Mon State


  1.  Passenger Car/ Light Truck Tyres & Tubes

  2. Truck Tyres and Tubes

  3. Agricultural Machinery & Equipment Tyres & Tubes

  4. Bicycle Wired on Tyres



MTRI Head Office :-

        Managing Director

        Myanma Tyre and Rubber  Industries

        No. 30, Kaba Aye Pagoda Road,

        Mayangone Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

        Telephone    :    095-1-665209, 651042

        Fax              :    095-1-660465

        E-mail          :    dmip@mptmail.net.mm

       P.O.Box        :    370 G.P.O.